Typesetting India is a design and multi- lingual typesetting company, provides template designing, typesetting, and graphic design services

We’ve created typesetting.in to solve a problem that has seemed almost impossible up until now for authors, publishers, designer and typesetters— getting a good-looking, industry-standard interior templates.

With our ready-to-use templates for InDesign, authors for the first time or an experienced publishers have a reasonably-priced alternative to the high cost of professional book composition.

Five principles

The success of Typesetting India has been created by these five principles:
  • Professionalism

    Working with nonprofessionals can be a negative experience. Schedule delays can result from unforeseen circumstances, quality assurance measures may not be in place, and contacting competent people can prove difficult. When you work with Typesetting India Private Limited, you are working with an entire team of industry professionals.

  • Quality

    We are focused, accurate and pay attention to details. This is what defines high-quality work.

  • Service

    We look at the big picture to devise smarter work flows and find creative solutions for your projects.

  • On-time delivery

    We strategically plan projects to meet production deadlines.

  • Value

    We understand clients want cost-effective solutions.

Our Team

Deepak Aggarwal

InDesign Trainer

Deepak Gupta

Team Leader

Deepak Sharma

Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer