MathType workflow: Working with Equation

Typesetting mathematical equations

Our workflow is built around Microsoft Word, MathType, InD


There are many benefits including:

  • • no re-keying
  • • removing operator error
  • • improving production time
  • • no more double-handling
  • • authors and editors set their own equations
  • • checking and proofreading can be free of operator error.

MathType workflow

In partnership with editors, we request equations to be created using Microsoft Equation Editor or MathType . Typesetting India Group can then automatically format all equations and export them to InDesign using our custom-built software (InDesign Script).

From Microsoft Word we perform the following steps:

1. Convert equations

Convert all equations to MathType ready to be formatted

2. Format equations

Automatically apply formatting to all equations. Formatting defines equation preferences, i.e. fonts, size and spacing.

3. Export

Automatically export all equations to the required format.

4. Import into InDesign

Custom-built software is used to import equations and align them into the text flow.